LEFT/OVER episode 27 // FAILCHILDREN OF MEN // show notes

Crooked Hilary

Tony Benn Spent His Life Fighting for Democracy and Socialism

Hilary Benn’s ‘Extraordinary’ Speech for Bombing Syria Was Disingenuous Bullshit

Based and Ralph-pilled

Labourism and socialism: Ralph Miliband’s Marxism

Ralph Miliband, The New Revisionism in Britain, NLR I/150, March–April 1985 (Annoying hard paywall, but try through a uni library if possible)

Vietnam and Western Socialism by Ralph Miliband

David Miliband ‘rushed in’ Chagos Islands protection order

The Jamaican Don

Donald Harris owning his own daughter

All the papers of Donald Harris

The Lion of Malta, Joseph Buttigieg

Centrist-child syndrome

Gramsci, Antonio. (trans. Joseph Buttigieg) Prison Notebooks (Volumes 1, 2 & 3), New York: Columbia University Press, 2011. ISBN 0–23115755-X

Italian Communism Remembered

Homophobic scene in Oliver Stone’s JFK




A weekly podcast about British and global politics.

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Odd Lots: Curious Objects Up At Auction

The “Red Lady of Paviland”

Ancient Welsh cave with human skeleton

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A weekly podcast about British and global politics.

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